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The way to true life

July 27, 2011


He was and is and is to come.He,Jesus,is coming back to all His people who have given yhier life to Him.

Why is that?

Because the Holy Bible,Jesus word tellsus this .

Jesus Christ is nt coming back for anyone else,if you have not given your life to him.

He tells us by His wirtten word that ,”No one come to my Father except by me Jesus Christ.

Do you want to go to hell  a place of torment and worse  when you die on this earth?

Do you want to go to Heaven,a place where there are no more tears,hurting.sadness or anything wrong.?

Hell is also known as death .

Heaven is known also as LIFE.

Jesus christ  the saviour of life.Came back to give us Life,Life to the Full,and everlasting Life Eternity.

The devil has come to kill,steal,and destroy us.

Now it dose not take much to relise that the best option is to go with Jesus Christ.

Jesus gave us humans the gift of free will.So you can choose not to turn your life over to Jesus

Instead you can choose to give your life to the devil ande end up going to hell with him.

Ofcorse you  are living your life with the devil every minute that passes by and you have not turned to The Saviour Jesus Christ.

If after reading this you decide to gove your life to Jesus Christ, then please speak the following w0rds.

JESUS I HAVW DECIDED TO FOLLOW YOU.Please forgive me of my sins(wrong ways),I BELIEVE THAT YOU DIED ON THE CROSS,POORED OUT YOUR BLOOD ME,YOU RAISED FROM THE DEAD FROM THE TOME TO LIFE,WHEN BACK TO YOUR FATHER.,THEN CAME BACK IN THE FORM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT TOLIVE IN ALL THOSE WHO WOULD GIVE THIER LIFE TO YOU JESUS. I am doing this now Jesus.I thankyou that i now have eternal life,I am filled with your Holy Spirit ,you have forgiven me all my sins,i will now follow your way Jesus as stated in your Holy Bible. I thankyou that i am now A Born Again Christian, I will be Baptised as you say in full emersion of water.

In Jesus Name Amen

I pray that you will be Blessed in your work with Jesus Christ  Amen

Go to   a Spirit filled Bible Teaching Church who believe the Holy Bible from the beginning to end.

God Bless You.


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